How to choose a perfect swimsuit?

How to choose a perfect swimsuit?

Are you looking forward to the summer and planning a holiday trip? Fortunately, there are plenty of options for swimwear that can accentuate your strengths, but also hide your imperfections. From captivating colors and delicate embellishments to unique stitching, women's swimwear is getting more creative than ever! Make sure to pay attention when buying one.

Column silhouette - choose outfits with interesting cuts

Selecting swimwear for someone with a column figure does not have to be challenging! Tall and slender in shape, this body type usually lacks large busts so feel free to explore multiple styles. Adding ruffles, laces, and appliques are perfect for this silhouette. Also try opting for prints like vertical stripes that are currently trending.

Apple shape - emphasize the back and shapely legs

Women with an apple-shaped figure will look amazing in a one-piece swimsuit with stylish decorations at the bust area - frills and fashionable ruffles really flatter such a figure type. To select a two-piece swimwear, choose something whose bottoms have a high waistline. This is bound to look great!

Pear silhouette - emphasize your feminine strengths

Selecting a swimsuit for a pear-shaped figure helps create balance between narrow shoulders and fuller hips. Adding ruffles and wide straps to emphasize the bust makes for an eye-catching look. Complement them with a well-cut bottom to make your legs look longer, and you are sure to turn heads.

Hourglass silhouette - wearing comfort is essential!

An hourglass silhouette is characterized by prominent breasts and hips with matching circumferences, and a concave waist. When considering which swimsuit to buy, comfort should be a priority. Nowadays, modern manufacturers offer stiffened tops that give adequate support whilst also accentuating curves. Additionally, the bottoms come in two varieties - either with a high waist or neat ties on the sides - tailored to your preference.

If you're looking for a bathing suit that won't highlight your curves, asymmetrical cuts and designs with open backs or necklines are a good option. They'll help to draw attention away from emphasize your assets.

How to choose the right swimsuit for the bust?

A properly selected swimsuit should fulfill several basic functions. First of all, it must be:

  • comfortable to wear,
  • adjusted to a given type of figure,
  • tailored to the needs of each woman.

Let us consider the last concern: how to select a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit to flatter the bust? This is a very intricate problem, but there are some points to keep in mind that could be beneficial:

  • For asymmetrical breasts, opt for swimsuits that not only enhance the bust, but also keep it in place. For more support, try suits featuring cups with special inserts.
  • When it comes to heavier busts, supportive swimwear is the way to go. Models fitted with underwires can be a great option for providing the necessary support.
  • If you have widely spaced breasts, consider costumes whose top can be pulled together neatly. C-shaped underwires models may work well in this instance.

We hope that this post has given you the information necessary to pick the perfect bathing suit for your figure. Kerrasto offers a wide range of stylish swimwear from well-known manufacturers, as well as underwear in various shapes and colors.




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