Types of panties

By looking on the websites of the manufacturers, it's effortless to get an overview of women's panties - from classic briefs to thongs and hipsters. Appreciated around the globe for their divergence in style and characteristic add-ons, this article provides information about the well-known and basic kinds of panties.

What to look for when choosing panties?

There's no shortage of women's underwear styles, which is understandable. As important as the right outfit may be, it should also come with the proper undergarment. A romantic night calls for a lacy thong, while a snug skirt works best with slimming shapewear . But don't forget about comfort and body shape! Get yourself something that meets all the requirements.

Seamless panties for special tasks

Women's panties come in various types. When searching for replacements, it is recommended to try seamless models that have been popular since 1997. Thanks to laser cutting and the placement of stitching, they fit snugly against the skin. This type of underwear truly revolutionized fashion - they are almost undectable under tight clothing, and can appear as either classic briefs or thongs!

Briefs - meet a timeless classic

Types of women's briefs, and their various names, tend to go unknown. However, classic Briefs are timelessly loved by females from all generations. These panties usually cover most of the buttocks while having a slightly elevated design - which looks great on many figures. Developing over time, Briefs also come in both plain and lacy options with multiple decorations or cutouts. Because of this, women should always keep them within their wardrobe rotation.

Thongs - sensual and comfortable

Thongs are undeniably alluring lingerie for special occasions. They feature a narrow band that sits between the buttocks and a triangular piece of fabric at the front, providing wearers with a snug fit and much-needed comfort. Making these popular panties available both in store and online, women from all corners of the globe have incorporated them into their wardrobe.

High waisted panties

When mentioning women's panties, it is unavoidable to point out those with a high waist. Because of its cut, these can provide correction for body shape, making them comfortable and providing quick coverage of any unflattering areas. Therefore, they are regularly worn for both casual and special occasions. Not only that, these types of panties can be stylish too; from lace belts to mesh adorned with delicate embroidery - ideal for adding glamour to a romantic evening.

Lace for all occastions

It is clear that there is a great variety of women's panties, each with its own name. There are classical briefs, hipsters (with wider waistbands) and thongs which have an even bigger strip between the buttocks. Lace panties, however, are what always draw attention; they come in these same different cuts while still being extremely comfortable and sensual on the skin. Women wear them to feel special and often purchase them for special occasions. It comes as no surprise then that lace models are almost invariably included in any lingerie shopping trip.

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