Underwear for various occasions

Underwear for various occasions

Underwear can be a powerful tool that transforms how women feel and see themselves. Opening the wardrobe and selecting the garment that best fits our needs is gratifying. We should ask ourselves: "What kind of vibe do I want today? Sexy, comfortable, romantic or practical?"

What do women consider when buying lingerie?

When shopping for lingerie, women often focus on finding pieces that are multifunctional and appropriate for all occasions. At the same time, many ladies have a selection of more personalized sets in their wardrobe. What do they really factor in when making the purchase?

Underwear for special occasions

Many women select the most attractive and up-to-date bras for special occasions, like going out with a partner or friends. When shopping for sexy lingerie, ladies pay more attention to their silhouette – with bras, bralettes and mesh bodysuits being particularly sought after. An advantage of this type of apparel is the way it lets women feel youthful and feminine. Having the perfect underwear ensures each woman takes pride in her appearance at all times no matter her age. Moreover, colors like black, red and wine are the favorites when it comes to selecting sexy lingerie.

Sports underwear

Surveys also demonstrate that women make similar choices in terms of sports and exercise underwear. The majority of them opt for exercise bras, however some have been known to wrongly use older items instead. This is the ideal opportunity to explore different colours, back/shoulder patterns and additional features.

Tendencies of many women - buying underwear

It's clear that many women have a singular type of lingerie they're attached to, and will often buy multiple pieces of the same style, frequently in different colors. A peek into a woman's closet may reveal all lace pieces or all with inserts, with varying hues. Women can be quite stubborn when it comes to purchasing intimates, so it's likely the same pattern will be repeated.

KERRASTO - Underwear for various occasions

At Kerrasto, we believe that lingerie has an incredible power. With our selection of models, cuts and colors, we hope to inspire women to experiment with different options. Properly chosen pieces of lingerie can have a big effect on your sense of confidence and well-being. No matter the day, you should always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. There are times though when women want to look stunning and feel like they are wearing something special - this is what our store is here for. Our selections provide you with many opportunities to be your best self.

Bedroom underwear

The touch of silk and lace on your skin is a truly intimate and sensual experience. Whether you're creating the perfect mood for someone special, or just looking to feel extra luxurious in your everyday life, there are so many options to choose from. Be a goddess or innocent seductress with some sheer embroidered lingerie, snuggle into something soft and sexy in cotton, or show off your back with an open-back bra - whatever makes you feel best!

Around the home

At times when you'd rather stay in and kick back, it's crucial to have the comfiest underwear in your collection. The right pick can make a relaxing evening even more pleasant. Whether you're snuggling up with someone special or just need extra comfort, we have lots of ideas for you!

At Kerrasto, we understand how important comfort and satisfaction are to women. That's why we strive to provide the best underwear experience possible - one that is just for you! Take care of yourself and make sure you have the most beautiful lingerie ever. It's all about you!


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